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Wargaming Shirts

Buy all of your wargames related shirts right here and roll dice in style. Any of our designs can be put on a variety of different items- women's fitted shirts, BBQ aprons, hooded sweatshirts, you name it! Just e-mail me at
Sagamites Hexed T'sGirl Gamers
National Symbols from nations and factions to show your allegience to friend and foe alike while waging war across the battlefield!
National Symbols
The vintage pinup girls are sure to turn heads at the next wargaming convention!
Pinup Girls
Operation Overlord
Officially Licensed Bolt Action Shirts
Show your love of a particular Fighting Vehicle with these great shirts!
Tanks Tanks Tanks!
Pray to the dice Gods, and they shall smile upon thee with lots of sixes (unless you're trying to roll low... then they just get confused)
Luck of the Dice
Shirts relating to aviation
Planes Planes Planes
Share with your enemies!  Shall they fear the Fearless Veteran or the oncoming horde of the Conscript?
Motivation and Training
Spoofs on the famous "keep Calm and Carry On" British wartime propaganda poster everyone knows and loves.
Keep Calm...
Normans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, you name it!  Make your own Saga known to the world!
Dark Ages & Medieval
Where did it all begin?  Where will it end?
Make all your wargaming friends crack a smile, and "normal folk" scratch their heads.
God Save the King!
Operation Sea Lion
Your wargamer friends will appreciate these!  Or maybe it's to remind your little men...
Whether you're battling disease, farming the land, or escaping sinking islands- you're sure to find Meeples!
Girl Gamers
Girl Gamers
Show your love of Hex based gaming.  We all love it.
Hex Life
Will display temporary custom orders here.
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